St. Petersburg Hotel and Resort

St. Petersburg, Florida.

Notes: As an iconic figure detached from its city, the pier is more of an architectural element that reflects a gesture of symbolism rather than one that stirs up experiences. The concept implemented within the propose design must approach the pier in a manner that responds to its iconic status while establishing a solid dialogue with the existing downtown ambient. With an outward meets inward approach to the design, the resort hotel will create both, formal and spatial qualities that will react to existing contexts, as well as one that can understand the importance of providing a unique approach to the inhabitant’s experience within; as well as onlookers throughout. By first understanding the environment from the outside, the built form can establish territories that are neither intruding on the pier or the city that acts as its backdrop. With the outward/inward approach the resort hotel can become a node for transit or generator for activities, rather than another hotel seen as an
isolated entity.