Downtown Tampa, Florida.

Tampa’s downtown district carries a distinct character and grid system yet throughout history the southern end of the peninsula remains neglected. The presence of a recently completed expressway further exemplifies Tampa’s neglect for the site.

One trace of character within the city that sets a positive course for site remediation is the Riverwalk. However lacking, is a background, a pedestrian-friendly framework of interlocking activities that guide pedestrians to the city edge. The proposal seeks to draw on existing context and develop connections with a human sensibility, to create settings for pedestrian movement, interaction, and rest. Two existing parks help establish these connections by using formal qualities within the block types to foster environments favorable
to the user and responsive to the climate.

The connections would be intersected by a perpendicular trail incorporating agricultural and water-filtering uses. Spaces underneath the expressway are used to allow for character association within the people, reevaluating what the perception of the underside has been to reinsert value to surrounding land without the drastic measure of removing the expressway.

Appropriate balance of land uses and design elements will enhance the city’s livability while the localized agriculture and opportunities will create a self-sustaining community.